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Monday, September 8, 2008


Manga ongoing.
Anime 10 episodes complete.

I started watching this one after someone mentioned the clothes or them looking good I think it was. The anime is actually somewhat confusing and distorted so it may not be good to be too interested in the details, cos everything is rather abrupt. I kept thinking I had missed an epi when one guy suddenly joins the group (I’m still wondering if I did…).

I think the girl is drawn very pretty in the anime but lacks oomph in the manga. Maybe it’s cos her startling blue eyes aren’t portrayed in manga. The guy looks younger and better in the manga though. The manga is more comprehensive and easier to understand and the story sequence is rather different from the anime, which I read someone opinioning as very messy and mixed up (and I thought I was the only one). Someone also said the effects and execution weren’t good but to me it was ok.

This doesn’t seem to be a very popular manga and I’m not sure why. Perhaps the stories are disjointed (but then so are many others) and the motivations of the characters aren’t quite apparent. The storyline does get a whole lot complicated, with cloning, possible murder, etc. etc. It's like a murder/thriller/sci-fi/goth/angst all mixed up in one ball. Just wondering where all this is going when I read in vol 9 (I think it was) that the mangaka said this would be around for a long long time....oh dear, I don't think I've the patience for it already!!

My Rating:
Story: C - strange, convoluted, difficult dialogue, boring bits
Art: C+
Recommended? Not too sure. It's not really that interesting at some parts. Very oddly put together.

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