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Friday, October 3, 2008

Kare Kano/Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

Manga finished at 21 Volumes

Brief Summary: A girl's hard earned popularity is jeopardized by a new male transfer student who seems to be just (if not even) smarter and good looking. A one sided rivalry ensues but soon develops into something else.

Didn't pick this one up at first cos of a few things - the drawing is simple and didn't really appeal to me (guess it was the style of the time), the storyline seemed childish and I really didn't see myself going through 21 volumes of it! Decided to read it cos well, it's available in the library.

The pace is quite fast and despite the rather youngish look and actions of the characters, there are a bit of endearing mature issues addressed starting in the volume I'm left at, volume 5. The same issues of girl bullying and a love rival are included but they are treated a bit differently, in a bit less exaggerated way I suppose. The girl is seen to be quite level headed and despite her initial outbursts of irritation at having him usurp her star position, she doesn't get silly in being overly jealous or possessive. You get the feeling that the author is trying to say that despite having a relationship you don't need to be clingy to have it grow, sometimes being apart can be a good thing too. I think that's what's refreshing about this series, although at the same time, because it is so balanced and "nice" it doesn't seem to illicit strong feelings from me and I don't really have a strong urge to keep following it because it seems so safe and secure and the complications seem entirely solvable in a sane manner.

Overall the series has a sweet innocent feel to it so far. I understand that the later issues have them progressing in their relationship outside of school and into adult life so perhaps the series itself will get more and more mature and complex, rather than dealing just with the usual school issues it now does.

My Rating
Story: B
Art: C
Recommended? Didn't really like the art, it was too simplistic and the people weren't bishi enough! But the story is rather sweet if not convoluted and ambling along sometimes. It is after all, 21 volumes!

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