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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ojousama wa Oyomesama

Manga, ongoing
I might get this whenever it's licensed in English. Have to be extremely selective now as realised my collection is really piling up and I'm lacking space for all of the books!

The main draw for this is the art. Very beautiful characters, well, just the two of them really so far, with the rest not featured much. But the premise is rather unbelieveable and weird. Not sure where this is headed in terms of plot/storyline and you definintely have to suspend disbelief. Hopefully the girl keeps her head screwed on tight (she's rather unbelievable as it is) and deals with the bad guy attitude of the male protagonist.

My Rating:
Story: C
Art: B+
Recommended? Think it'll be a rather ditzy read. I hope the girl remains spunky. Of course you wanna see them together, but think there will be difficult days ahead. :)

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