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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mei-Chan no Shitsuji

So cute, wonder if there is really that doll (but then again, I'm a bit frightened of dolls and sweetie hates them). via nikki sorairo's flickr

I don't think this particular manga is really that out of the ordinary but I do find myself rooting for the girl a lot as she's sweet and cute and so far doesn't seem to be too irritating. However, I do wish she were a bit older (13 years old), as it seems a bit incongruous for her love interest to be so much older (altho whether she actually ends up with him remains to be seen), causing some to remark it's lolitacon. And, altho it would be nice to see her grow up and mature, I think if she's only 13 it's gonna take a while! And you know, I can't really last very long in a series. ;p

That this is written by the same author as Love Monster probably deserves a mention here, as that was really an either hate it or love it series. Personally, I couldn't really stomach it and I have seen comments on both sides of the fence. So far no such in this but perhaps it would really be too much since she's only 13.

Possible Spoiler

I was really hoping that she ended up with the older brother butler but then again, I agree with comments that he really didn't treat her with much emotion/romance and I think he could have been more sensitive to her. Like, when he danced with another lady (with whom he seems to have some history) whilst telling her not to dance with other guys and also his nonreaction when she confesses to him that she likes him. In comparison, there seems to be a fan club for the younger brother.


sakurako-chan said...

i REALLY wish that Mei and Rihito can get together.......
but then what about Mameshiba?
and Shinobu is really talented as well... so he might even win the duel between him and rihito...
but then he seemed jealous of rihito for the fact that Lucia likes him, so maybe he'll confess to her or something???
at the moment, i'm shipping mei+ rihito, and shinobu+lucia
as for mameshiba...
he can have me!!! (joking)
no maybe he'll get together with mei original grilfriend from her old school (who also likes him) ^^

Nausicaa said...

Hmmm... I wonder though, if eventually Mei would be with the younger brother, somehow I got that feeling.

Shinobu seems a bit shady.

The synopses of the ongoing drama also seem to reveal a lot more, but I haven't watched any (as yet? but I'm not really a live drama fan...wouldn't mind at all if they made an anime) :)

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