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Friday, May 15, 2009

New stuff

Gakuen Alice Volume 1 (v. 1)
Gakuen Prince 1As the twitter says, I had a bit of a spree and got four volumes - Atsu Atsu Trattoria (a one volume shojo), Gakuen Alice Vol. 4 (remember sweetie puked on vol. 3 so that one will be with me forever), Gakuen Ouji (I know, what a joke) and Nabari no ou (Yay!! mais en anglais - c'est tres cher!). I have no idea why I like Nabari no ou so much...why is it? I don't even feel the urge to finish the anime. I think it's the art, the characters, maybe the humour in the darkness of it all.

I saw Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei but decided not. I didn't know that there were satirical mangas but then I should have expected there to be all sorts.

Also saw that Skip Beat 18 is out. Perhaps I should be making another library recommendation...dunno who is enjoying the fruits of my labor with vol. 17 now...;p Actually, I haven't been following this series after volume 15 or so (u know me, I can't take a long series).

Chi's Sweet Home, volume 1Pet Shop of Horrors, Book 4I also wanted to pick up Chi's Sweet Home, in Japanese. I read that it's completely in color. There were only two old-looking volumes and they weren't cheap so I left them. I'll try to pick them up when (if) I'm in Tokyo (or anyone else who can, thank you. ;p).

Saw that Pet Shop of Horrors, Vol. 4 is out. I wasn't so keen. Cos I tend not to re-read that series. But we'll see...maybe when I get really bored...like how I'm considering Otomen, which a friend has asked if I'd like to borrow. The art was good but the story sounds erm...loss for words...

Am still on Watashi no + Okusuri. On the first chapter and I'm really not liking the girl. She is childish, arrogant, tactless and rude, not to mention silly.

I think I really need to limit my purchases - jus now already had an avalanche with quite a few of my manga - need more space for them! I seriously envision a large (large!) shelf with them all.

Oh. I still can't find my Ichigo Jikan. I shall assume it's not published yet and blame it on illusion.

Is it me or is it that most English publishers don't really do many oneshots/one volume shojos/others?

Another thing I find strange is the choice of manga that Chuang yi publishes in both English and Chinese. Titles like Midnight Secretary and Gakuen Ouji and a few other silly romances, which I don't find very mainstream.popular (or that fantastic) are published, including smut by Shinjo Mayu but there are no really good shojos, or shonen, for that matter. Perhaps they don't want to duplicate Tong Li and other Taiwanese publishers, but I hope they pick up titles that are more Nabari no ou, etc.


horus said...

Wondering if Nodame Cantabile is available? If yes, any idea where to find it? :)

MO said...

I think I have seen that manga - u need English or Chinese? I think I saw the English at Kino on their main display shelves, but I think you should be able to find it under the letter N as well. Have you watched the anime?

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