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Friday, November 21, 2008

Skip Beat on Okto

Didn't realise that the rather popular romance/comedy shojo manga/anime, Skip Beat, is on Okto at 11pm on Fridays until I read the wiki entry. It comes out about a week after showing in Japan if I'm not wrong. So it isn't that delayed. The subs are a bit different from the fansubs; I actually trust the latter more. :) Episode 7 correlates quite closely to vol 3 in the manga.

Not too sure about finishing the manga though, as it's 22 volumes and counting! Not sure if I have that patience...but so far it's an interesting story, refreshingly different and though the girl is a bit ditzy at times she hasn't been oppressively irritating...yet..

I've just gotten onto the second half and so far find it quite innovative how the heroine solves her problems, especially in her acting. The writer sure is creative. However, as it goes onto vol 13 and 14, the storyline gets a bit more convoluted and complicated.

My Rating:
Story: B
Art: C
Recommended? A bit different in the sense that there are quite a few different scenarios which avoids it being too repetitive and is a bit more creative. However, I'm getting a bit tired, as it's rolling onto 22 volumes and counting.


Anonymous said...

well.. i get your point that the story is becoming a bit long and dragging.. however on the recent releases.. the story becomes more interesting especially now that the guy who caused the lead female to lose all her thoughts about love (fuwa sho) falls in love with her. and now joins the battle over her affection.. a love square with a bit of others on the side.

i sooo hope tsuruga ren counter attacks..

MO said...

I might just go back to it! :) Probably when I've more time a bit later this year or early next.

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