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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Itazura Na Kiss  

Anime: Ongoing
Manga: unfinished, as mangaka passed away.

Actually already knew/heard about it a while ago but after reading the wiki and watching about the first ten seconds of it I wasn't really interested in watching it again. However, was reading some of those posts that go "your favorite anime" and someone was again mentioning it so decided to give it another try. First of all though, it is based on an uncompleted manga, as the author passed away. That fact actually put me off it a bit cos it would be very frustrating to read something with no end, but it seems the anime was based on her intended ending in her notes.I think the story is your typical shojo.

This one is where the girl tries hard to get her guy and the guy doesn't even look her way but in the end...The thing I really liked about this story was how the main character, Kotoko is drawn so cute and pretty. The guy is drawn pretty nice, but his character is cold and mean. The girl is supposed to be really unintelligent or something compared (to the guy who's in the first class, A, and she's in class F, so you get the idea...) and that's what all the antagonism is based on with him beating her down on that. It frankly reminds me of Gakuen Alice but unlike Mikan, Kotoko doesn't beat back and is a rather timid little mouse at times, which is something I totally didn't like about her. She just gives the guy too much slack and lets him hurt her feelings and make fun of her. Some parts I felt were written in such a way that it seems it's veering off towards the typical man is right culture and she is subservent and submissive, even when things turn around.

The story itself, despite all my criticism is quite sweet and it has you rooting for her, but it isn't as funny or touching as Gakuen Alice. The comedy element is actually provided by the guy's mom which had me thinking "wow, that mom's scary!" a few times. She really is something. As for Kotoko I think she is just silly and her character just isn't that interesting. I don't think I'd watch this one more than once (though I hardly watch anything more than once actually).

More info, but with spoilers...
I think the interesting thing about this shoujo is that it continues even till after they are married, whereas there seem to be a lot of cases whereby you're kept on tenderhooks (the whole point of shoujo sometimes?) on whether they are really ever going to get together (but you know they will...:)). So I thought that was something refreshing and is also mentioned by others as a distinct characterestic of this series.Was talking about how the guy seems to dominate the girl, Kotoko, and one example is like he announces that they are getting married even before asking her. If you have read the wiki, there is one sentence that sticks out in which the guy says that the girl can’t do 90% of what he can do but the 10% that he can’t do, she can do very well.

In a recent episode there is actually something that I didn't agree with, when Kotoko gets slapped by Naoki and later there's not even an apology. This isn't the only time in a manga/anime that I've seen a girl get slapped by a guy that apparently loves her. It makes me wonder where these stories are going cos I don't think this is something to trivalize as it's basically domestic violence.

My Rating:
Story: B
Art: B
Recommended? Yes and no. Lighthearted fun, but the guy can get irritating.

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