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Friday, October 3, 2008

7 Jikanme Rhapsody

Manga Complete

This is probably one of the best teacher-student short mangas I've read. And what I like about this is how (ok, the premise is still silly) the teacher is so level headed and knows exactly what a teacher-student relationship should not be. Ok, maybe this sounds very ambiguous, but I'm really trying to not spoil it for you.

One thing I didn't like though, was the smoking by the Sensei (a bit hard to see but the scene is above). Yep, that gets on my nerves cos I don't know why mangas have to protray them like that, and then draw them in such "cool" positions. I just feel it gives off the wrong impression, even in this day and age when people know about lung cancer and all. Especially for teens since we know these mangas are targetted towards them and we also know for a fact that smoking is harder to quit the younger you start. Ok, ok, I'm getting off my pedestal, jus that well, with all the stealth marketing and product placement, you just never know!

Regarding the art, the two characters are ok, not extremely bishi or pretty but ok. I think the guy looks like the other teacher in Faster than a Kiss which is this mangaka's work too (No surprise?). He can look a bit dorky at times. ;p And, this author's a guy?? Think first time I've hread a guy's work, most mangakas are ladies.

My Rating:
Story: B- (cliched!)
Art: B
Recommended? A bit (teensy) refreshing, you can give it a try if you've not had too many of these student-teacher stories, but if you have, you can also give it a miss.

Similar to: All the rest! The characters understandably look like those in Faster than a Kiss (cos same artist).

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