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Monday, September 8, 2008

Special A

Manga: Ongoing

Had no special (sorry for the pun) interest in this either, even though I saw it placed on the “featured” shelves of the bookstores. Seemed popular enough. Decided to at least watch one episode and found that it was rather lighthearted and innocent, albeit the characters didn’t seem as interesting or colorful (or rather skewed and tormented?) as those in Ouran High. I think I’m getting hooked on the second opening theme song though. ;p (the others weren't so well done I felt)

The girl is quite spunky and cute, but unfortunately she lacks a bit of depth most times. She is also seen to be ranked second to the guy, Kei (the whole premise of this story actually) and that’s a pity, cos he seems to go so far beyond her despite she being talented and smart. It is hinted that he has natural genious/talent whereas she tries hard. That’s kinda sad in terms of gender equality (but then guess one shouldn’t expect that). In a later episode she even falls to a much lower position/ranking than him at school.

Another difference in this one is that the guy actually likes the girl before vice versa. This means she is not hanging all over him or trying to get his attention romantically all the time. And surprise surprise, despite he being overly calm and collected, I can’t actually classify him as a jerk. The pace of the first few epis was quite slow but the later ones are picking up.

In my opinion the manga is a bit difficult to read and not so clearly laid out. I have stopped following this as it seems these two will just never get together. The romance just doesn't move but stalls and stalls...

My Rating:
Story: B
Art: B
Recommended? There are some interesting elements especially in the later epis.

Author also wrote "You're my Girlfriend" which is a short four chapter read. It's rather silly and unrealistic, because there isn't any endearing reasons for the boy to like the girl so much and do so much.

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