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Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Love

Manga: Complete at 7 volumes

Brief Summary: An orphan is taken in seven years before the manga starts, by a family with three boys. She is bullied by all three but they all have the same reason they don't want her as a sister - because they've all fallen for her!

Discovered this manga/manhwa quite by accident. The characters are rather beautifully drawn, and quite characterestic of Korean drawing style that I've seen so far in Goong and Bride of the Water God (is it just me or do they like to have two pigtails or buns?).

Basically this is a reverse harem, with the three guys being brothers, all different and successful in their own ways. It's a tormented sweet innocent story, but at least the girl is not the one that keeps working at the relationship. It's nice to see the guy (in this case, guys) working at it for once! ;P All the guys care for her in their own way and it's kind of sad to know that she can only have one of them! ;p

My Rating:
Story: B-
Art: B-
Recommended: Keeps you in suspense!

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