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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Someone recommended me this series, saying it was similar to Tenshi Ja Nai, which I had reviewed earlier. Saw W-Juliet (links to good wiki) on and off at the bookstore and finally decided to try it.

So far, after going through a few volumes, I'm getting a bit bored and losing steam. Somehow, I enjoyed Tenshi Ja Nai more, perhaps because it was the first of this plot device that I read. One thing is that the girl is made a lot more boy-ish in this series, and this trait is actually played up (e.g. she has a girl admirer). However, I read that one way to0 long ago to make a better comparison at the moment.

The story itself is rather episodic, whereby they get into one predicament, solve it, rebond, and then wrap up, repeat, repeat repeat. The main background story itself doesn't seem to flow through the volumes.

There is also a bit of a reverse harem, despite that fact that the girl looks so boyish she attracts girls as well. I find this a bit strange. The guy is quite nice, sweet and decent to her.

There is also a sequel to this, which I understand can be read as a standalone (without reading the first series), and which may be better on the eyes, as the guy is now a guy (I mean, no longer disguised as a girl). I haven't read it yet but I saw some comments that that mentioned the girl is no longer pursuing any particular dreams (of acting, etc.) and seems to be just staying at home playing with the dog, whereas the guy is the one out and about having a great career. I guess it smacks a bit of sexism put that way. Actually, such a remark put me off a bit.

Overall, I think this is more for younger tween/teenage readers.

My Rating:
Story: B-
Art: B-
Recommended? Ok, as long as you haven't read too many of this type of plot, and can stand the girl looking like a guy and then the boy looking like a girl.
Similar to: Tenshi Ja Nai

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