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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eternal Sabbath

Manga: Complete at 8 Volumes

This is definintely not your shoujo. In fact, if you're looking for romance, though there is, you'd have to read a lot, a lot before you got to it. But the refreshing part is really that the girl (being a neurologist and of course MD) is very smart and not dotty in the least. She isn't easily controlled by emotions of love/lust. Though in the beginning she is looking for a partner that is not her one and consuming goal.

The plot is interesting, very sci-fi, ok believable (you know you have to suspend disbelief in such situations anyway right) and not entirely too complex or the other extreme of being too flat. The characters are nicely developed and the pace is good.

There are a lot of difficult problems and issues discussed too, in topics such as morality, death, genetic engineering, research, abuse, etc. It is in a way, actually quite "heavy".

The art is different from many of the shoujo and is more rich in details and tones. The characters are drawn realistically (though still beautifully) and the guy, probably still qualifies as a bishi. :)

You can find a VERY detailed "summary" (oxymoron?) at Comics Worth Reading.

My Rating:
Story: A
Art: A
Recommended? Yes actually, but only if you lean toward sci-fi.

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