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Monday, September 8, 2008

Ouran High School Host Club

Manga: Ongoing
Anime: Season one completed at 26 epis.


Ok, when I first heard about this, it didn't appeal to me, cos well, you know what host clubs are...decided to just have a look at the anime and the first thing was the song - oh my! If you've heard it you know what I mean (heard other reviewers sharing the same sentiments). A friend said she feels embarrassed playing it aloud! Hahahah. In any case, once you get over the theme song, the rest of the story is just as silly and cheesy sometimes, but the characters are quite unique and interesting. There was a review that said at least you can easily tell the difference between the characters (in the manga) and yes, they are very distinct from one another (usually artists tend to draw their characters quite similarly so you can get confused after a while cos there are only so many hairstyles ;p). As the characters are all bishonen (pretty boys) it’s quite easy for the gender bender part whereby the main female character is playing a boy in school.

And finally, we have a girl character who’s not too ditzy but still naïve and quite a block of wood sometimes (so perhaps it boils down to the same thing). She’s also supposed to be very smart. She also doesn’t fall into silliness at the sight of the cute guys.
The format of the manga is also rather easy to follow and the story moves rather easily, though there are a lot of chapters that seem to go off on a tangent, which makes the story now at 12 volumes and still no progress on the main characters' romance. This is yet another reverse harem type.

Personally, I started out not liking Kyoya (the vice prez of the club) very much but as the story progresses I think he’s my favorite character because despite his rather subdued and cold demeanor, he’s actually a very good person who cares deeply for his friends. His actions also bring a lot of balance to the group. Temaki (pres) on the other hand, keep sulking too much.

My Rating:
Story: B
Art: B
Recommended? Purely for entertainment.


Daniel fanatic said...

you really are a genius about manga by the way, may I ask is there any other anime related to Special A and Ouran...??

an anime that not focus only to one person...??

im getting addicted to anime, when I watch S.A...!

Nausicaa said...

I can't at the moment think of animes that are very similar to these two. But there are quite a few on the reverse harem theme that Ouran High has. Let me think about it and if I remember or come across any I'll add them in this entry.

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