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Monday, September 8, 2008


Manga: Complete, 4 volumes

Finished Merupuri and managed to get all vols except 1. Sort of bought this on a whim (I didn't even unwrap to look inside!) and discovered quite early on after I bought it that it is a very different genre from the ones I've been reading. I didn't realise that from the synopsis and expected something rather different. Basically the reasons I bought it were that, 1. It was written/drawn by the same author as Vampire Knight, which I quite liked, and 2, it had only four volumes (I was trying to save $$!) ;p ok ok, been telling everyone this (that this is not my usual style) - hmmm..why is that? To justify my read? heheheh One thing's for sure, this is probably one manga my husband would never pick up, though he read most of non shoujo manga.

As a friend says, it's quite a sweet love story, and it moves pretty fast from volume two onwards and most of the plot actually ends in the first part of volume 4 - I think the rest of the last volume was just for the sake of fillers to make one full volume.

The fast pace and short and easy read is good for those who don't like a draggy storyline. There's also a lot of chemistry between the two characters, though I've read at least one review describing the plot as a reverse harem type (i.e. the girl with many admirers). Oh well, it's a fantasy right? ;p

My Rating:
Story: B
Art: A - love the details in the dress, etc. A friend said the bodies of the people are too long, but this is quite typical in a lot of shoujo.Recommended? Ok for a light read, but nothing much in terms of depth. Sweet.

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