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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monkey High

Ongoing manga

A rather strange but cute shojo. Quite a sweet (and so far innocent) story that seems more for a younger audience. The guy is a bit childish but that's his character style and he's supposed to resemble a monkey(thus the title). A very unlikely "hero" for a romance but refreshing. The girl is the "cooler" one, calm and composed. It's heartwarming when she realises that his endearing and innocent ways are what attracts him to her, despite his silly and not so sophisticated ways.

I would say this is different just for the fact that the guy is not your average oh so cool rich kid. He's just the kid next door, sweet and unassuming, a bit too silly and immature. However, the story does get a bit repetitive from chapter to chapter when the same formula runs that the girl gets embarrassed with the guy but then realises how sweet he is...then, repeat.

My Rating:
Story: C
Art: B-
Recommended: ok, for a different story but think in some ways it is a bit repetitive.

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