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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lovely Complex/Love Com

Didn't start this one earlier as it's going past 15 volumes. ;p The art is ok but it isn't really in the style that I like. The guys aren't bishonen for one thing. :)

This story is very very very slow. It's totally unlike B.O.D.Y. is all I can say. :) The development is so excruciatingly played out that I just wondered whether I should skip a few chapters, erm, volumes. But I guess in this instance one really can't complain that there isn't any development of the relationship and that they just jump into it without reason. :) It's innocent, and the classmates are for once, not the "push you down, throw garbage on you, put blades in your book" garden variety. There are times when I really felt for the girl as she's dealing with the difficulties in the relationship and loving the guy. I'm not very interested to read on after vol. 7 but apparently there is some angst coming up.

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