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Friday, November 7, 2008

Earl and Fairy/Hakushaku to Yōsei

Complete first season anime and manga/light novel

Pretty characters, interesting concept, so far. Not sure where this is heading, but there is a rude little talking cat (you know I'm partial)! ;p The two leads are pretty and the girl seems headstrong and not the silly ditzy type though i hope she would stand up for herself and resist the charms of the guy a bit more. Hopefully she has some talents beyond looking pretty and helpless. Eye candy, she's always wearing the most elaborate clothes too.

The male (whom a lot of people say resembles Ouran's Temaki) is suave and quite the lady-killer, though in the whole anime so far, we don't have him really interacting with any other women except Lydia (the female protagonist). Raven, the manservant, probably has a fan club of his own. I love some of his lines and how he says them with a poker face (easy for anime! ;p). In contrast I find some of Edgar's lines a bit too outrageous and not very appropriate - as in, they are in a life and death situation but he says something completely frivolous. Of course that's his characterisation and perhaps also in the plot it's about not panicking Lydia but in the end it just seems funny.

Tried this out on husband but he wasn't keen. It's really too shojo I think, and there is really a lot of talking.

My Rating:
Story: B, a bit confusing at some parts, maybe too melodramatic (but probably not as much as Vampire Knight...)
Art: B, the guy is a real bishi! ;p
Recommended? So far so good. Eyecandy. I think the pretty characters and art attracts and the storyline is unique, but it isn't as exciting, probably cos it's quite slow and there is a lot of talking. The ending is somewhat of a mess, with too many loose ends.

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