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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tail of the Moon/Tsuki no Shippo

Manga: Completed

Was looking for a short manga, and came across Tsuki no Toiki, which is the precursor for this one. After finishing that one, it led me to this one, as the characters follow on as well.

Seen an ad before at the back of shojo volumes but it just never appealed to me, probably the look of the two main characters. The guy is ok but the girl is drawn to look very very young and almost puberscent and that makes them an oddly matched couple. I so wish the girl had been drawn more mature.

Have read a few commentors write that they find this a bit childish. Well, it's quite common for the girl protangonist to be just that and unfortunately she is shown to be unsophisticated, bumbling, clumsy, unrefined and all....but of course, with a good heart. Sounding a bit like Itazura Na Kiss? Ya, in a way it does remind me of the many so mangas I've already reviewed below. The difference probably is the time period? This one is a ninja period manga and that put me off a bit (though, I did also get absorbed in Nabari No Ou).

Though I can appreciate some of the things she goes through, as it's nice to see her grow up through having those experiences. Unfortunately though, some of them are really quite silly. As I finish the last volume, 15, I'm left a bit disappointed. The ending is a bit abrupt and perhaps, even, cheesy (not to mention unbelievable)? I would say more but being too specific would spoil it for those who haven't read it. I can see now where the comments on it being a bit simple/childish come from. The sequence of events is a bit choppy and I get the feeling of being stopped and put into a new scene in staccato like steps. The characters' feelings are really expressed very well and are also chopped off mid-emote. I just don't feel too much for them after a while. Felt it had potential but somehow there was something amiss. I had to down the rating of this one to a B- from a B.

And, for some reason, the fonts on this manga are huge. Somehow contributes to the kiddy feel.:)

My Rating:
Story: B-
Art: B
Recommended? Typical but there are some endearing parts.

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