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Monday, September 22, 2008

Akahime Ranshin

This oneshot manga actually got me started on the teacher-student genre but actually was disappointed in all the ones I found after this one. I particularly like this because it is quite subtle and sweet. The ending is left to your imagination. Usually I like a better clear cut ending, but I guess it was good this way too (altho I wouldn't mind if they came out with part 2).

Some other things I liked were that this is a female teacher and male student, whereas most with this topic is the other way (male teacher who smokes too much more likely). I also like that the guy is not overly hyper, perverted or agressive and isn't childish in the least really. That's nice for once, cos the difference between the student and teacher isn't so exaggerated, which I think is good or else it makes the whole relationship unbelieveable. There's jus some good chemistry between the two protagonists.

My Rating:
Story: B
Art: B
Recommended? Good for a quick read.
Similar: Can't think of any in particular at the moment.

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