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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Manga complete at 7 Volumes

Brief Summary: Three unrelated teenagers who lived together as siblings when young are forced to live together again after seven years of separation.

Ok, admit my summary is the pits. After going through the manga, it seems to be a mix of everything. There is brother-sister, and there is teacher-student, both very popular "forbidden love" themes that are probably supposed to bring out some angst and emotional frustration.

There were some elements that I found confusing in this, such as the girl's relationship with the teacher (and realised later I'm not the only one as someone else has commented they stopped reading this because of this part which they can't get at all). It was ambiguous yet hinted of very deep feelings. It became quite central to the story, and although I am supposing the main focus was still the relationship between the "brother and sister" who are actually both adopted and therefore unrelated, it caused a strange sidetrack/diversion.

There was also the relationship of the male protagonist (the brother) and another girl which was also confusing as they seemed to like, yet, be using each other. And then, this relationship of the brother doesn't seem to bother the girl protagonist in any big way (isn't is supposed to be that the rival is there to create major heart rending problems?) and so it goes the other way around too with the girl's relationship with the sensei (teacher). At the end, it doesn't even appear the brother knows about it. So this is a different treatment as jealousy isn't the main aim here. There is something else. It is a strange story.

My Rating:
Story: B
Art: B-
Recommended? Ok, but think need to spend more time figuring it out. Or maybe on the other hand, just don't read too much into it. This mangaka has another series going called Cy Believers. Sounds erm, just as confusing.

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