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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Flower Ring/Hua Qian

Manga complete at 2 volumes

The story is somehow very simplistic and the characters don't seem to be very well developed. It doesn't have me rooting for any of them. The attacks by the rival seems to be superficial and kiddish. Actually, all the characters seem kiddy, and not just because they are drawn that in that style. The girl seems too demure and a pushover and the mom a tyrant. The guy is a bit bland too.

The only redeeming feature is the drawing and as with most historical mangas, there's opportunity for intricate interesting costumes. However, with long hair, the guys look like girls!

Another thing is that they have these traditional Chinese idiom competitions and the meanings are pretty much lost in translation.

Frankly I didn't finish this and I don't think I will. It just doesn't illicit much interest after the first few pages of plot setting. After that you sense it'll be a typical shojo which it pretty much is. There aren't really any plot twists or developments either, but then again it's only two volumes long (and despite that I still couldn't finish it!).

My Rating:
Story: C-
Art: B+
Recommended? Just for the art, but the story, sigh....so no, don't think so

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