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Monday, December 29, 2008


Manga complete. by MORI Kaoru

Brief Summary: Rich guy falls for maid, and of course society is against it.

Maybe I shouldn't be reviewing this one since I stopped at two chapters, but I just wanted to note down the disinterest (altho to be fair I know this title has a lot of fans and it isn't that the artwork is bad per se, just that the drawing style isn't really the type I like and the storyline was just so flat).

In the first chapter you have the guy falling for the girl already, without exchanging more than ten words (erm, I didn't actually count). Ok ok, so bash me over the head, that's how shojos go right (is this a shojo?)? But the next thing you know, the guy's friend comes (chapter 2 if I'm not wrong) and falls for her too, without even saying a word this time. What gives? Scratch head.

My Rating:
Hmmm...I think I can't qualify to give a rating, as mentioned above. But I would say I'm not reading anymore (that should give you a hint).

On the other hand, I've read many people's comments about how they are fans of her work and this series, so perhaps there is something I'm missing. Also, her art may appeal to some people more than me. I read that this mangaka really does her homework on the eras that she draws.

Actually, she has another one out called Otoyomegatari which I've found quite interesting. The art there is also quite incredible, so it's quite strange that I have such differing views on the two. But at the same time I also find that story quite slow and meandering in a sense.


horus said...

Caught part of the anime on Animax and quite liked it. Well, anything beats having to read the book and having had that as my set text for A Levels Lit was a killer! One of the reasons i dropped Lit. Haha...

Didn't know its out as manga; hmm, maybe i'll check out Kinokuniya...

Nausicaa said...

hihi, I'm not quite sure this is an adaptation. I believe it's an entirely new creative work (I didn't read the literary work). I find that usually mangas are even if they follow a sketchy similarity.

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