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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bloody Kiss

Manga: Complete

Brief Summary: A high school girl inherits an old mansion from her grandmother and finds that there are two vampires living there already.

Interesting concept but predictable shoujo romance. The characters do lack a bit of depth and whatever torments they professedly have aren't really settled at the end of the manga. Only the romance part is kind of, in a way, developed.

The vampire is a bishi of course, and the other one, apparently a servant, doesn't act very servant-ish and kind of plays a strange bit part. Have seen some comments that this manga is a bit strange, and ya, in a disjointed kind of way I think.

Just as a side, I also wonder how come the grandmother didn't show up earlier in the girl's life, as she was supposed to be very poor and all.

My rating:
Story: C+
Art: B
Recommended: I guess if you can't get enough of the vampires scene. Ya, why not? It's only 6 chapters.

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