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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some iffy things about shojo/romance titles

Generally, it would seem that most of the shojo/for teens’ storylines are harmless, but then again I’m not a psychoanalyst. Of course, the josei/mature/smutty ones have a few elements that are questionable and perhaps outright against morality. Some things I think may be disturbing are:

1. Slapping – It’s not that common actually, after reading so many, but I think this happens rather once too often. I think any guy worth his salt (erm, his girl) would not ever resort to having to slap her, even if it’s a heated fight. I’m no expert in domestic violence but it starts from somewhere, even a slap.
2. No no no becomes yes yes yes – I don’t know whether in this day and age it still promotes the wrong thinking. I really hope that most of us are enlightened and realise that it’s a story.
3. Love and Lust are the same thing - it isn't, as those of us who have fallen in love can testify (erm, hopefully). Anyway, falling in love through one kiss is impractical and downright stupid if you ask me.

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