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Saturday, September 6, 2008

What kind of manga I like...

[A friend called me earlier today and asked me if there was a manga that I wouldn't read. At that moment I couldn't think of any, but thinking over the ones that I have read, at least two come to mind - Strawberry Marshmellow (cute, but just not my thing, find it sooooo boring) and Nana (don't see the point and holds no suspense to me, like some drama serial).]

Realised what I don't really like to read is about everyday life and not that keen on everyday romances. I prefer those with a fantasy, supernatural, unreal element but yet, not too horrifying, dark or violent. Read some synopses of some really dark tales that I knew almost immediately I wouldn't like. Those that delve too much into theology also do not interest me. Before Gakuen Alice I also didn't like those that dealt with children and it's probably still safe to say I wouldn't most of them.

I don't mind detective type stories where there is something to be figured out. Those that are almost stand alone stories between chapters or volumes are also ok as long as it's not too abrupt. I also like those that have characters that are really nicely drawn, but they don't have to be too shojo, with bubbles and hearts everywhere! ;p But after all, the artwork is one of the main draws (sorry for pun) of manga and I do prefer the characters to be more refined and "pretty" which is probably one reason I never even bothered with Naruto or the like (not to mention the fact it seems to be too long for comfort).

I find that those which are around 6 volumes is just about right. Too short and it's pretty rushed through and too long and I get pretty tired, unless it's really something really good and I've been hooked from the beginning.

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