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Friday, October 3, 2008


Wow, at this point I must say that there are LOADS of shojo with this teacher-student thing going on. What gives? I read someone else commenting the same and that they've never fallen for a teacher and can't understand it. Me neither. Firstly I think the students are really just that - students. The maturity is just not level. The girls are interested in little trinkets, polishing their nails, winning the next game, getting to school on time, their hair in place (ok, no offense to any students reading this post ;p I'm saying this is how the girls are portrayed in these mangas)...etc.etc...surely the more mature and older male teachers are thinking of other things? Well, erm, sometimes they are, and it leads to trouble, if you know what I mean! Ok, so this genre is a fantasy. I get that. Here are some with bishi teachers and the premise that starts it all:

1. Chocolate Chaos: Nothing special in how they get together. The girl just happens onto the teacher during an outing to the beach.
2. Crossroad: The girl basically uses the teacher as emotional support from her problems at home with her brother (brother-sister relationship).
3. Aakahime Ranshin: Female teacher gives extra lessons to a student who isn't in school much as he is involved in kabuki.
4. 7 Jikanme Rhapsody: Girl gets close to teacher who runs counseling sessions on love.
5. Secret Kiss: Very simply, the "teacher" is the girl's cram school instructor.
6. Faster than a kiss: Girl and her brother are orphans and the teacher sort of "adopts" them through marrying the girl.

Basically, the elements of this genre focus on the fact that this type of relationship is frown upon (irony isn't it?) and so they try to hide the relationship from others in school.

For more, click on the teacher-student label.

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