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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chocolate Cosmos

Brief Summary: Girl enters high school wanting a relationship. Meets an attractive guy during a beach outing with classmates and discovers he's actually her home ed teacher. But that's not going to stop her!

Attracted cos the characters seemed pretty but passed it over initially as it seemed a bit too kiddy. Well, having gone through it, it follows the usual shoujo teacher-student plot (started it not knowing it was one of those). The girl takes one hour to do her nails (ok, ok, is it my age? Just felt she should be concentrating on something more productive) and the teacher actually takes an interest in that. Strange? He is a bit effeminate now that I think of it. ;p He is the home ed teacher but guess really that doesn't make a difference. A man that can cook is a good idea.

Not much out at the moment so will write more later, but frankly I may not get down to it as I may not even read any more. It isn't a very compelling read.

My Rating:
Story: C+
Art: B
Recommended? Very simple, straightforward so far. If you're crazy about teacher-student...

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