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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vampire Knight Guilty

Guess by now many people are already back glued to Vampire Knight. For me, not too much interest anymore, strangely. But the characters are still pretty/bishi. Not sure why they decided to name it "Guilty".

Was discussing VK with husband and told him the debate's hot on whether she'll choose Zero or Kaname and I asked him his opinion - answer: Not interested, don't care, I don't watch it because of that! ;p

Ya, it really made me think guys and gals are really watching things for different reasons. Is this what we call selective attention and perception?


kokuun said...

Just a matter of perception and personal bias to certain elements of the show. Even though the stats dictate otherwise, guys are equally likely to enjoy shoujo as much as gals.

Sweeteepye said...

Not sure, since none of the guys I know read shojo. :) But I think it's ok if they do. Then I'll have another person to discuss with.

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