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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome to the manga obsess forum...and does anyone have a bit of spare time?

There's a manga obsess forum!

I know, I know, there are dozens of manga forums, but realised most of them are overseas. Spent a bit of time tweaking with the codes on this and it should be working. I love black...;p

Well, not much time left to devote to this, or rather, I shouldn't be. In any case. if anyone wants to help me with reviews, you're welcome! just email me.

The guestbook is also at the forum - Sign the guestbook - Be happy to see your note! I'm curious about who visits this blog and how they got here, so do tell a bit about yourself, your favorite anime/manga and how you knew about the blog. You can also tell me what you would like to see on it and you could also give your reviews too! I'd love to hear what other people think of the titles, even if it's very different from my views.

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Successfully recommended to the Library

  • Skip Beat Vol. 17

Ins and outs

Would like:
Ultimate Venus Vol.5
A.I Revolution Vols 5 and upwards
Possibly Skip Beat Vol. 16 and upwards

On offer:

1. Pet Shop of Horrors Vol. 4
2. Pet Shop of Horrors Vol. 9
3. Tokyo Pet Shop of Horrors Vol.1
4. Tokyo Pet Shop of Horrors Vol. 2
5. Godchild Vol. 2
6. Godchild Vol. 3
7. Dazzle Vol. 1
8. Dazzle Vol. 2
9. Dazzle Vol. 8
10. Dazzle Vol. 9
11. Special A Vol.5
12. La Corda D'Ore Vol. 6
13. Tail of the Moon Vol. 11 and 13
14. Her Majesty's Dog Vol. 11
15. Mugen Spiral Vol. 1
16. Your and my secret

Email me at mangaobsess(at)simplypeaceable.com if you are interested