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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sighted at the bookstore

Back from the bookstore again with another unplanned purchase. Something strange, and the worst of it all is that it's the last volume and not the first. I won't mention it here, maybe I'll write a review on it next time. And, another baddie is that I discovered it had a slight dog ear after I was on my way. I really don't like my manga to have dog ears!

Also spotted a few new releases available and some releases I saw but now not, such as Tail of the Moon 14 and Skip Beat 15. Perhaps they have been snapped up?

I also saw and contemplated for not the first time, Kara Keoh Meoh. The second volume is out now. The art seems good and after hearing how my friend liked the anime so much it sounded interesting. The main character seems quite bishi. :) But since it's labelled shonen ai I am not sure. It's somewhat like how I want to watch Code Geass as the drawing looks good and the storyline interesting but still, it seems way too convoluted and long.

Also, the vampire craze continues - I came across this one called Vampire Hunter D, which I understand is quite dark but very popular. Apparently it started with the novel, then the very successful anime, followed now by manga. Had a browse and found that though I found the synopses of almost all the volumes of the light novel quite interesting the art just wasn't my thing. It was a bit messy and the characters aren't in the style that I favor. Blood + is another popular anime, manga, and video game (?).

The strangest coincidence is that I bumped into a manga loving friend, the very one that introduced me to manga. :) And, of course, what else? We got to talking about manga! She was teling me about another new English release - Crown, by You Higuri, who also wrote Gakuen Heaven. Her manga storylines really haven't been my thing though as there seem to be some shonen ai overtones.

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