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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Am I missing anything?

I realise there are really a lot of shonen ai/yaoi titles. And sometimes, at forums, I realise the fans are super duper keen on this genre. I just am not one of them. I keep thinking about picking up Kara Keoh Maoh, or After School Nightmare, but when I read, "shonen ai", I think no no. I put it back down again and sigh, the drawing looks good and some parts of the storyline sound good, but but...

Strange to think I started reading manga with Loveless, a really popular shonen ai....didn't know that particular phrase existed at that time of course...

I know this post isn't really about the left aka Loveless but just thot the pic was nice - hee! (erm, well, if you neglect the shonen-ai overtones and focus on concept, color, etc. ;p)

Oh, and just found out that Nabari No Ou is supposedly shonen ai. But seriously it didn't strike me as such, or I think most people, unless they specifically lock on that that part.

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