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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I don't blame you cos I wish it were so too...

Some time ago (weeks?) someone wrote me asking me if I could sell them the Tail of the Moon Vol. 11 for $1. First thing that went through my head - "I have Tail of the Moon Vol. 11? Checking my shelf, yeah, I do! ;p However, after confirming that I sat down to think if this person left out one ZERO (0). I'm not blaming the writer for at least trying but I really really couldn't let it go for $1. My transport down to pass the book to the person or to go to the post office to get it mailed off would actually cost me at least twice that amount! Not to mention the time. I wish it were possible too, cos I'm getting broke broke broke from buying these manga. English manga volumes typically cost around $15-$22.90+! Just check them out at Kino, PageOne or Borders. I lie not. Plus, to be frank, if I'm selling the volume off I probably haven't read it much. Not that it isn't good per se because everyone has different tastes, but probably cos it's an odd volume or I decided not to follow the series anymore. As mentioned before I'm more the less than 10 volumes kinda manga reader and after that you have probably lost me. So, it's probably quite mint and most of the dog ears my volumes have gotten have either been from the store, from travelling back from the store (cos I don't take the plastic bags) and/or my friends (tho I haven't really tracked this as it's not something I'd like to pay much attention to). Once they are back, they are wrapped and read usually rather quickly and then on the shelf (tho not always in that order).

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