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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wonder how many girls subscribe to shojobeat. The first time I bought it I didn't know what it was all about and was just curious. One thing I liked was that the drawings were so big (in comparison to the bound volumes) and they were also colored for better color contrast.

But, as a friend says, they are not cheap, and I feel it's pretty disjointed cos it's only one chapter of the manga per issue then it's another month. Of course, I guess if you're really crazy about the series they are carrying (like Vampire Knight), you could buy the issues, cut and bind into volumes. ;p But too much work, no? And I know some people can't bear to desecrate magazines/books (I know of one person who refused and actually cringed when I tore a magazine apart for a project. ;p). I read one person actually tearing it apart to wrap files or something.

Of course they are much cheaper if you live the States. Seems everything is. :( And how I am starting to love online shopping...(with free shipping only in the States...sob sob).

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