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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cosplay at Liang Court

Was on my way to Liang Court when one of the peeps I was supposed to be meeting messaged me, "You're going to like Liang Court, there's a lot of cosplay going on". My response - "ok, on my way but now going to start running". :) So, seems like this is the type of reputation I'm garnering with all my anime/manga talk. :)

I only managed to get a few pics, and they weren't all that nice. There were more photographers than there were cosplayers, although there were a good number of the latter. A lot were characters I couldn't guess/didn't know about, but there was unsurprisingly the VK cast (including Yuki, Kaname and Zero) and another friend who I met there told me she saw Sebastian the butler (from Kuroshitsuji). I tried looking for Sebby but couldn't find him.
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