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Sunday, March 15, 2009


On my way back this pretty girl asks me to donate to a charity. Strangely she was also concurrently promoting a perfume. Even more strangely she didn't have the perfume (one is supposed to walk to the counter somewhere in the shopping centre far away to try it). Anyway, she was so cutely dressed, look at the hat! I'm not posting tbe entire pic because I didn't get a chance to ask her permission to blog her pic even though I asked it to take her pic. I guess maybe I was embarrassed to say so? ;p Husband initially kept getting confused thinking that she was a cosplayer when he saw the pic! I thot so for a very small millisecond but then realised it was some promotion. Good strategy since it attracted me, but dunno about the others, cos I saw some people "running" away! hahahahahh. Well, if you recognise yourself as this girl, tell me if I can blog your pic (however small that chance may be thot I should try). :)

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