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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Library recommendation approved!

To reduce $$ spent, realised I should recommend more titles to the library. No news about my recommendation of Good Witch of the West (but like I said, I wonder why bother since it seems abandoned by the publisher).

But good news is that my Skip Beat Vol. 17 recommendation has been approved! :) I know I know, now we have to recommend Vols 1- 16 to make it worthwhile (tho I think they have a few already). I have already lost touch of this series actually, since I don't watch much tv anymore and think the series on Okto is already over.

I'll recommend the rest of the titles I think are worthwhile later. You too eh? A joint effort should stock the library well. :) For some reason, they only have Fruits Basket and Nausicaa Valley of the Wind (hee) in great abundance.

I've just recommended A.I. Revolution, Vol. 5, which was just out this month. I wish I could just recommend all the volumes in one go...

Check their catalogue first to see if it's already available and if not, go to the NLB website recommendation page to recommend it. Put in the ISBN number or else they may not be able to locate the title (so they say, although I wonder why). You can find the ISBN from an Amazon search and for good measure include the Amazon link as well.

NB: If the link is not working they are most likely doing site maintenance.

Got a bit tired of having to type and retype so wrote NLB a suggestion to allow us to add more than one title at a time and indicate additional volumes of the same title/series.

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Successfully recommended to the Library

  • Skip Beat Vol. 17

Ins and outs

Would like:
Ultimate Venus Vol.5
A.I Revolution Vols 5 and upwards
Possibly Skip Beat Vol. 16 and upwards

On offer:

1. Pet Shop of Horrors Vol. 4
2. Pet Shop of Horrors Vol. 9
3. Tokyo Pet Shop of Horrors Vol.1
4. Tokyo Pet Shop of Horrors Vol. 2
5. Godchild Vol. 2
6. Godchild Vol. 3
7. Dazzle Vol. 1
8. Dazzle Vol. 2
9. Dazzle Vol. 8
10. Dazzle Vol. 9
11. Special A Vol.5
12. La Corda D'Ore Vol. 6
13. Tail of the Moon Vol. 11 and 13
14. Her Majesty's Dog Vol. 11
15. Mugen Spiral Vol. 1
16. Your and my secret

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