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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some overly repeated elements

The girl agonizing over making chocolate for the guy for Valentine’s day.

Enough already, why can’t the guy be the one getting the perfect gift for the girl (so far only seen this in Dazzle and that wasn’t even romantic)?

Fangirls causing the girl grief wanting to beat her up for being with that popular guy.

Sigh, are schoolgirls (of high school age mind you) really that shallow and crazy? No one should beat up anyone because of some fickle minded stuck up arrogant guy.

Not very clear but here, someone is pushing the female protagonist down a flight of stairs, in Zenbu Kimi no Mono.

Someone (either the girl or guy) falling sick or erm, just plain falling down (and being caught by the other party).

Oh come on, are they always so careless and lacking grace? Can’t we have some other way of growing the relationship?

This is from Chocolate Cosmos, where the student visits the teacher and he's having a fever (sound familiar?). In the end he kisses her in his feverish state.

This one is from Faster than a Kiss. This time girl is the one that is sick. Check out the digital thermometers in both images. Looks the same doesn't it? :)

I’m sure you can think of more…if you do, send me the element description and a sample. I'll post it here. :)

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