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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A.I. Revolution Vol. 5 (updated June 2012)

I don't usually review manga by volumes, as personally I like reviews to be about the whole series. I find that if they go volume by volume you no doubt have some spoilers. I also prefer to find out about the whole "feel" of the manga series and whether there is actually some worthwhile plot to follow, as I would prefer not to start something I wouldn't want to finish. In a small poll that was on this blog previously, most people had no preference though.

However, just got Vol. 5 of A.I. Revolution today and was a bit disappointed as I guess I expected something different. The story is again segmented into a few characters' perspectives, and this time there wasn't a story about Sui, the main female protag, which is what I really wanted to read about - i.e. her relationship with Vermillion. Instead, it goes into the unfinished business with At-6, a killer robot, and it still doesn't draw any conclusion at all about this issue. Furthermore, the extra story, a twist of Cinderella, is a bit strange, and of course being a one shot is very very rushed.

I did recommend this issue to the library but I ended up buying it as I guess I was thinking of collecting this series. I say "was" as I'm somehow not that keen after this volume, and plus it's another 12 volumes more, and I don't know if I've moved onto something else by then as the release is super slow.

And sigh, as soon as I took the picture above, my girl jumped on it and made a bit crease in the cover. Oh oh oh....

Update: I have actually stopped looking for this manga as it seems that it is no longer being published in   English. Which is really sad. Am I the only one that likes this manga? Maybe...

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